About Us

Welcome to Napanee Massage Therapy!

We are registered massage therapists, all new to Napanee, with an interesting story.

Lynn Barnett, Joanne Chalmers and Holly Cochrane are all graduates of the Canadian College of Massage and hydrotherapy in Cambridge Ontario. Lynn and Joanne met on their first day of class in 2011 and have been friends ever since, so much so that when Lynn and her husband decided to relocate to Napanee, Joanne and her husband made the same decision. When they discovered that another friend and alumnus, Holly, had moved here as well with her husband, it was serendipity and the three knew that opening a practice together was the right choice.

Lynn has done an extensive renovation on the clinic attached to her property, which used to be the veterinary clinic of doctor Mac Smith, and now Napanee Massage Therapy has opened its doors. We offer Swedish Massage, prenatal and postnatal massage, treatment for injuries, relaxation massage, as well as other therapies, and will conduct a full assessment of each client before determining the best course of treatment for them.

We welcome you to our new clinic!